Sunday, January 14, 2018

Spotlight: Ravyn Lena

In Ravyn Lenae’s music video for “Sticky,” the first single off her EP, Crush, the camera surrounds the rising neo-soul singer as kaleidoscope washes of red, blue, and yellow fill the frame. Her whipping falsetto is set to an electric organ and a simmering groove that is decidedly disco, and her beauty game follows suit. With her fiery cloud of kinky curls matching her sparkling red eyelids and glassy lips, all of which play well with her glowing skin and shimmery tube top, it’s clear why names such as The Internet’s Steve Lacy and SZA have tapped the Chicago-bred songstress: The girl’s got swagger. “I like very funky stuff—I tend to be attracted to flare pants and anything that has glitter,” says the 19-year-old, who credits the likes of Diana Ross and Chaka Khan for helping shape both her retro sound and style. “I try to associate the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘glittery’ [into] my music, too.”
And no matter if Lenae’s hair oscillates between a brushed-out Afro, cranberry-tinged curls, blown-out waves, and braid-outs, the latter of which is something she does to “avoid washing my hair every day, otherwise, it’ll be orange by end of week,” her look is always something of a statement. Here, the rising musician dishes on her most intimate moments while touring with SZA, natural hair care (the key is “moisture”), and her newfound love for disco beauty. “A year ago, I would have been like, ‘Ew, glitter?’ ”
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