Monday, February 12, 2018

Fashion Week Before Social Media

We’ve all heard the story: Fashion Week has changed, almost beyond recognition. From a closed-door, industry-insider event to all-access areas and livestreamed shows, the once exclusive affair is now available for the world to see as it happens. For the next few weeks, your Instagram feed will continue to be flooded with catwalk images, street style snaps, and celebrity-rich front rows.
But for those of us who were on the other side of the doors, it’s hard to imagine exactly what we missed. What did it feel like to see Gareth Pugh’s debut show, knowing you were experiencing something extraordinary, without a cameraphone in your hand? What did it look like for a front row to take in a final walk clapping, instead of Snapchatting? And what did everyone make of influencers as they began stealing those coveted front-row seats?
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