Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hotel Review: Das Stue Hotel

This hotel used to be the Danish Embassy and so it has a gorgeous entrance hall and lovely meeting rooms. The bedrooms are very well appointed with the most modern hi-tech light switches, Apple TV, etc. 
The views from my room and the hotel's location is outstanding. The highly personable and professional staff combined with the uber flow and layout create a real 'laid-back' but still ultra-attentive vibe that is omnipotent throughout. The food, well what can we say, both restaurants were amazing culinary and dining experiences. The bar/cocktail lounge was probably one of best stocked and vibrant that we have experienced in a hotel. The three story mezzanine library is breathtaking and a cosy and relaxing retreat, so well stocked with Taschen books that it would take a week just to browse through. The spa is an equally wonderful retreat, which is to a standard that you would expect in Northern Europe. I would happily return to Das Stue.
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