Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Best Restaurants In Tulum

Well I had the best experience of my life visiting Tulum and more specifically visiting different restaurant. From the moon rising over the palm tree in front of the restaurants, to the music from the live band, the great cocktails and the really great food it was a special time on the beach.

Ocumare PRICE: $$$$

OCUMARE is the first Michelin star inspired restaurant of a shared dining concept in Tulum. Michelin star Chef Mauricio Giovanini, has created a menu inspired by his travels around the world featuring: Indian, Moroccan, Argentinian and Spanish cuisine paired with the best seasonal and local produce. 

Hartwood PRICE: $$$$

An open-air restaurant located on the jungle side of Tulum's beach road. Local sea-to-table ingredients cooked on the grill or wood burning oven. Menu changes daily based on availability of ingredients.Dinner only. Pesos only.

Kitchen Table PRICE: $$$

 Built using only reused and natural materials native from the region and designed to have minimal ecological impact. The energy we use is produced by solar panels, only the  necessary for a few lights and the music. The restaurant is totally integrated with the forest surroundings. A wooden grill, a bar and ice boxes full of local fresh produce are the only ingredients we need to create delicious food and cocktails.


Opened in 2015, Arca quickly became established as a relevant and pivotal component to the rising gastronomical scene in Tulum.Our culinary and beverage programs pay homage to the region, utilizing the best products from local beaches and farms. Our menus are constantly changing according to the seasons and availability of produce.
A Mediterranean-inspired menu with a Yucatan-meets-Caribbean twist, coupled with a visually striking cocktail bar featuring the largest selections of premium spirits in Tulum and a fascinating signature cocktail menu. 

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