Friday, December 1, 2017

Diane von Furstenberg's Next Big Move?

Charging into her own office a fashionable minute late, Diane von Furstenberg plops down on the couch. "So much is going on, so much is going on. And it's the end of the year. But today, I'm good." She exhales. The former princess (once removed), genius behind the wrap dress, holy high-fashion priestess, legend, icon, mogul, has a headache. But she's good.
Within seconds, it was clear any and all interview questions that had been shared with the designer beforehand were not looked at, nor were they to be answered. Instead, von Furstenberg was winging her umpteenth interview. "Bring a big bottle of water," she says in French to her office keeper. "Just in case I drink a lot." For the entirety of our conversation, she wouldn't take a sip.....  

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