Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spotlight: LIZZO

OneRencounter with Lizzo is all that’s needed to be dazzled. When the rising hip-pop artist enters a room, she doesn’t go unnoticed, as evident when she stopped by the V Magazine offices for a chat. Her infectious laugh and witty one-liners light up the room, her sense of humor preventing everyone from working as they burst into fits of laughter. And that positivity is what she aims to radiate through her music.
Lizzo got her passion for music, specifically rap, in her hometown of Houston, home of local rap icons like Lil Flip and pop legend Beyoncé, both of whom she cites as major inspirations. And when you’re surrounded by the buzz of rising local music, it’s difficult not to catch the bug to create. “The lunch rooms in the mornings is where we would freestyle, the bus going home, banging on the side of the bus is where we would freestyle. The radio, 97.9 The Box, I would call in the mornings and do the freestyle challenges and I would win. I won tickets to concerts. I saw 50 Cent,” she remembers, the look of glee still noticeable on her face. “I think growing up in Houston, it was like a right of passage to freestyle.”
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